From Old to (like) New

We maintain high standards of craftsmanship for every project, but we know every piece is unique with its own set of circumstances that come with it. Typically our work is done at our shop in Dover, New Jersey, but we are fully capable of doing touch-ups and full refinishing projects on-site or in-home too.

Our Process

Let’s Have A Conversation people talking
We would prefer to meet you and examine the project face-to-face, but we understand everyone is busy and that may not be possible. Regardless, we promise a fair, free estimate whether that be in-home, at our shop, or via text / email. We can assess and estimate the costs even with only a few photos! We will provide you a full explanation of what it will take to bring the piece back to its fullest life, along with a general timeline and ballpark price.
Getting Started handshake
If you decide to trust us with the repair or refinishing of your piece, we will shake hands, give you a written receipt and get to work right away! Pick-up and delivery is included and scheduled at your convenience to ensure the piece is well cared for and secure in transit for jobs being done at our shop.
Schedule A Time for on-site and in-home jobs
We understand the time you give us to do the job in your own home or place of business may be small, and we are happy to work around your needs! Let us know the best date and time to get started on the project, and we'll make it work.
Secure the Area for on-site and in-home jobs protect the area
When the scheduled time comes, we begin by cleaning and securing the area we are working in. The last thing we want is for surrounding furniture and equipment to be damaged by the materials we use. We will tape and seal off anything that should not, and will not be touched or harmed during our process.
The Root of the Piece stripping wood
Most projects require us to disassemble them so we can reach every part of the furniture easily. We also prefer stripping all paint and stain to see what we are really working with. The bare wood allows us get a closer look and find imperfections we promise to get straightened out. We also thoroughly wash all furniture with lacquer thinner.
Let It Breathe
Paint and stain on wood are like makeup on your skin. Once removed, your skin can breathe again, and wood is the same way! After being stripped and washed, we let the furniture air out for a day or two, allowing the moisture trapped inside the wood to naturally evaporate.
Structurally Sound glued frame drying
Parts can now be fixed and repaired. We will fill chips, cracks, and dings in the wood, reglue parts that have broken off, and even recreate missing pieces.
All By Hand
Now that the piece is like new structurally, we sand two or three times, opening up the grain and providing a good base for new lacquer and color to adhere to. Sanding is done entirely by hand, there is too much room for error with machines.
Choose Your Color color swatches
Your piece is ready for stain. We will provide any color you like, the options are limitless! This stain serves as the base color before we ultimately seal it in and spray it.
Seal the Deal spraying piece
First, the color is locked in with two or three coats of sealer. Once dried we will inspect, and if needed, sand any last minute spots. Finally, color adjustments are made through our toner blends, and we finish it with the top coat of choice - high to low gloss or matte finish.
Returning Home Atlantic Restoration van
We can’t wait for you to see your new and improved piece of furniture! One of our craftsmen will ensure safe travel from our shop to your home, or you can pick it up yourself if you prefer.
Spread the Word
If you're happy with the finished product and the way we conducted business with you, please let us know! We appreciate all client testimonials and feedback so we can continue to provide the highest quality craftsmanship for another four generations.